We Steam Clean It All

With the acquired expertise from Town and Country the BCL Group can steam clean it all. Steam is a safe, effective way to thoroughly clean and disinfect carpets and upholstery. Professional cleaning removes dust, dirt, allergens and air pollutants, killing dust mites and harmful bacteria. Our expertly-trained technicians recognize the unique challenge each home presents. All visits begin with a consultation and analysis, paying special attention to high- traffic and soiled areas.

Our powerful, van-mounted systems inject pressurized hot water, loosening dirt and other particles. The debris and leftover moisture is immediately drawn away, leaving carpet and upholstered furniture slightly damp. Fans and central air conditioning can be used to accelerate drying time. You can then carry on with your day – it’s okay to walk on newly clean carpets, just not in outdoor shoes!

Steam cleaning can also be arranged for drapery and mattresses. Contact us to find out more.